I Am African and I’m Sudanese

I remember fondly the almost two months my brother and I spent traveling over 1,000 miles in the Sudan in 1988. We met some of the kindest, most caring people on the planet. Watching this video makes me proud to know that I come from this tradition. The colors, the dancing, the unity… the peace.

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From Vice:

“Ocasio-Cortez only made one official campaign video – it involved zero consultants, and she wrote the script entirely by herself. When she posted it online, it was shared thousands of times and racked up more than a million views on Facebook and YouTube combined. How many TV ads have that kind of reach? …

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Animal stories

My son recently asked me to tell him a few animal stories from my travels. About 100 miles separate Nyala, Sudan and Bomba (now Birao), Central African Republic. Below are three experiences that my brother Utz, a fellow traveler named Phoenix from Tanzania and I had crossing this expanse.

1) We could not find …

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During our conversation yesterday you mentioned that you wanted the human race to stop having so much ‘urgency’. That when you come back from your 10-day retreats you are always a better person, that you learn to slow down and be more present… that you seem to understand the world around you more. You believe …

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Traveling Stories

Rusty Bowl

The worst floods in 100 years were ravaging the Sudan as we were trying to leave Egypt. After waiting 3 weeks for the waters to recede, we were finally able to board a boat from Aswan to Wadi Halfa.

After 3 glorious days steaming down Lake Naser, we arrive only to hear …

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Looking for the path

I have completely changed my life focus over the last two years. No longer am I trying to make money. Now I am trying to make art. And through art, I am hoping that my heart and mind opens so that I am able to see the solution to our world organization problem. I want …

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Next Eyeware

Which, if any, should I choose?




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Maui – Day 9

Didn’t take many pictures today. Sat around and enjoyed the space. Beach, pool, room, rest. Repeat.

Started off with breakfast from the Gazebo for Max.

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Maui – Day 8

I woke up early and decided to take pictures of the Napili Surf.

We discovered shells in easy to collects bands early in the morning. 15 minutes of work yields three nice trays full. They will look great in our garden back home.

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Maui – Day 7

Off on an another unsuccessful attempt to eat at The Sea Horse at the Napili Kai. They don’t serve outside in inclement weather (wen though it is sunny when we get there) and they require ‘footwear’ to eat inside ad Max and I don’t wear shoes. Sigh.

It doesn’t matter as my omelets are …

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